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This page is reserved for pictures of events, people, and things that relate to our meetings. Past attendees are invited to email us scanned images from GLCC meetings for our archives.


Dinner with our guest, Jonathan Flint, GLCC 2000.

I forgot my camera in 2001 - sorry folks.  If anyone has some pictures, please forward them to me (!


ABOVE:  GLCC 2002 invited speakers, Drs. Xavier Estivill (top); Mansoor Mohammed(middle) and Steve Scherer (bottom).
BELOW:  GLCC 2003 guest speakers, Douglas Boreham (top); Jo-Anne Herbrick (middle); Christa Lese Martin (bottom far right, with Inter-Medico and Vysis sponsors)



ABOVE:  Attendees of the GLCC 2002 dinners and luncheons.
BELOW: Attendees of the GLCC 2003 Thursday evening reception.



GLCC 2003 reception and lunch (right).

Below, from left to right, Drs Reena Ray; Neil Lamb; Annemarie Block, Ikuko Teshima.

GLCC 2004 Thursday evening dinner

Below, from right to left Drs Doug Boreham, Jo-Anna Dolling and Kathy Chun.

GLCC 2004 Wednesday Dinner